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Saturday 03/10/2020 info:

Dear Parents, 

Assalam Alaikum

We are indeed looking forward to welcoming you and your children at AnnourLCS this weekend. As you already know, we have put arrangements in place to ensure the safety of our children and staff. 

Here are some important points to remember: 

- School starts at 9am and finishes at 2.45pm.

- Entry is via the usual gate on Aylestone Avenue.

- Please park your car in the designated area away from the main entrance.

- Parents who need to step out of the car into the drop off area are required to wear a face covering.

- We might need to ask parents of older children to drop pupils off outside the school where we ensure they walk in safely.

- Children in year 3 and above should make their way out of the car on their own.

- Children in RECEPTION, YEAR 1, YEAR 2 can be accompanied by ONE adult and will be welcomed by their teacher on the running tracks opposite the entrance.

- Some Reception children are expected to be distressed on their first day, we advise one parent to remain with them for a short time if they are distressed or worried. We cannot allow adults into the building unless extremely necessary.

- At home time, please avoid social gatherings and whilst waiting to collect your child, please ensure you wear a face covering and follow the directions of staff to the pick up point.

- There are sanitising/ hand washing stations around the school and sanitisers outside each classroom, however, if your child needs to bring in a pocket hand sanitiser he/ she can do so. 


As we stated in yesterday's email, children need to bring in the exact amount of money to pay for their meals. Unfortunately, We cannot give any change back to students to minimise contact. Please look at the following list and send in the exact amount:

* croissant £1

* zaatar £1.50

* Lahm b3jin £2.00

* Cheese £2.00

Children have the option to buy a meal deal where they can choose from the following options:

1- Croissant meal: includes croissant + juice or water + Healthy snack + baked crisps or popcorn  for £3.50

2- Zaatar meal: includes Zaatar dough + juice or water + Healthy snack + baked crisps or popcorn  for £4.00

3- Cheese meal: includes Cheese dough + juice or water + Healthy snack + baked crisps or popcorn  for £4.50

4- Meat meal: includes Lahm B3ajin + juice or water + Healthy snack + baked crisps or popcorn  for £4.50 Parents can send in packed lunches. Please ensure it contains no sweets or unhealthy snacks. Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday Should you have any query, please contact us on 07950372711 With sincere duaas AnnourLCS team

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